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Friday, January 29, 2016

Responding Earthquake...Experience sharing by Phurba

(Questions/Answers – by Phurba who is the live witness of Nepal Earthquake-2015 and WASH Relief/Response immediate after upto Recovery Phase (upto Jan. 2016 (Now)))

1. Where were you during the two major earthquakes of April and May?
During the first earthquake, I was in home at Kathmandu, 2nd floor. I had just completed my meal and started to take some rest on bed. During the second quake, I was at Chautara (duty station), Headquarter of Sindhupalchowk for my regular WASH response/relief works, was on the road.

2. What was your first response after the quake?
As earthquake happened, immediately I called to my office supervisor and let him knew that I am safe and with my family, then, sheltered to the safe open land for couple of days. On the third day of earthquake (i.e. on April 27, 2015), I got informed from my senior colleagues that National WASH Cluster meeting is going to happen at Singha Durbar premises (Strategic location of Nepal Government). So, I joined that meeting and shared some remarks regarding the current status of the district based on my communication with the district level colleagues. On the next day, I moved to Chautara (duty Station) with taking responsibility to coordinate/facilitate the WASH relief/responses. Immediate after reaching to Chautara, I met with the Government authority for WASH

Sunday, August 23, 2015

करोडौ कस्तुरी: जहाँ मानबरुपी कस्तुरीहरु भौतारिरहेका छन

समिक्षक: फुर्बा सागे मोक्तान 
यो उपन्यास बडो बिम्बित छ, शब्दको अर्थ मात्र हैन भाबलाई पनि उज्ज्वेलित गरेको मैले पाए। कथानक साधारण छ, तर त्यस भित्रको सार भने साच्चै नै असाधारण लाग्यो मलाई। कस्तुरीको भाबको रुपमा मानब भएर जन्मेका हामीहरुलाई हामीभित्रको क्षमता र सम्भावनाको खुलेर एबम कथाहरुलाई जोडेर देखाउन खोजेका छन र सफल पनि भए भन्दा अत्युप्ती नहोला। अपितु यो कथा ति करोडौ मानबरुपी कस्तुरीहरु मात्र नभएर तिन्का माता-पिताहरु प्रती पनि समर्पित छ, जहाँ सैयो पल्ट बाहिरी आबरणको प्रभाबमा आफ्ना केटाकेटीहरुको भित्री "विना"लाई कहिल्ये पनि चिन्ने इच्छ्या ब्यक्त गर्ने मौका दिन सकेनन र जस्को प्रभाबले एउटा सिङगो समाज नै कस्तुरीको भिडमा हराउन खोज्दैछ। 


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Earthquake damaged the physical toilet, not toilet in mind

Satta Bahadur Dungaana, aged 55 from Sipapokhare VDC-6 built his latrine with his own effort on the new temporary shelter. His house along with toilet destroyed completely by the earthquake and become homeless for some time. But he encouraged himself to built the temporary shelter nearby his previous house. And, along with the temporary shelter he also built the latrine nearby his present shelter. 

He used his old pan, pipes, U-pipe, CGI sheet, woods and laboured himself and completed on building the latrine. To support him to construct the latrine, some sanitation volunteers from Kathmandu and local communities supported him to complete the building. Now, he is happy and healthy and also encouraged others’ to re-built or, revive the latrines in his communities. 

Written by: Phurba Sange Moktan, June 11, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015


“Now I have realized that we can use our toilets with maintenance. We saw it damaged but pans and pits were very fine when we cleared the toilets.” These kinds of statements now have arising by many communities. Marking National Sanitation Week-2072 (June 5-11, 2015), toilets revival Campaigns has started in two VDCs (Irkhu and Sipapokhare) with the 30 Sanitation Volunteers’ team from UN-Habitat (local and from Kathmandu). During the campaign, more than 100 toilets were revived in a week with simple maintenance/renovation and spread message to more than 800 HHs that toilet revival is the possible and is also the best way to promote sanitation and stop open defecation.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sindhupalchowk towards District ODF

Written by: Phurba Sange Moktan
DWASHCC decided the date to declare District ODF in Sindhupalchwok during the DWASHCC Meeting/Workshop held on Sept. 11, 2014. The date decided is March 14, 2014 (Phalgun 30, 2071 BS). Representatives from Political parties, Chief District Officer, Local Development Officer, Divisional Engineer-WSSDO, District Education Officer, District Health Officer, Journalists, Facilitating NGOs/ UN-Habitat, CBOs, etc jointly signed the declaration and finalized the date to declare district ODF. “This is our shared responsibility and we should work together to achieve it on the assigned date,” LDO/DWASHCC-Chair said, “This is district’s target. So, all the district stakeholders and each individual should support the campaign.”
During the workshop, all the stakeholders participated actively during the entire sessions and worked out to explore challenges and ways to overcome the challenges. Direct wash-out of the sewerage to the river in most of the houses of the Araniko highway riverside, no access of public toilets, still the subsidy mindset of some VDCs etc. have found as the major challenges to overcome. The workshop decided to systematic plans to overcome such challenges on time.
Followed by the workshop, VDC secretaries from all the ODF remained VDCs interacted and worked out together to declare the final date for VDCs declaration and action plans to achieve it respectively. Similarly, Journalists have also showed their commitment/support towards district ODF. VDC level activities have been going on rapidly in all 27 ODF remained VDCs of Sindhupalchowk with the constant follow-up/ facilitation by GSF/UN-Habitat and other NGO line agencies. Till date 52 VDCs of the Sindhupalchowk have declared ODF with remaining just around 4000 latrines to be constructed/ used. And the number is decreasing day by day.